My name is Marisol Moreno Ochoa, graduated in East Asian Studies (Korea specialization), by the University of Malaga, in Spain. I’m very interested in all aspects of Asia, but particularly in Korea.

Since the beginning of my studies in the university, I’ve been in touch with the korean students community in Malaga, therefore doing my Degree dissertation about their experience in Malaga city. Thanks to this investigation, and my close relationship with the community, I keep improving my english and korean skills after finishing my degree studies.

I studied in Incheon National University for 4 months as an exchange student. In this experience, I was able to apply my knowlegde about korean,  and korean language. Also, I studied about economy, organizational behaviour and turism during my stay there.

Although y interest in Asia and Korea is not limited to any particular area, I’m specially interested in tourism, korean language, literature, and translation.